Finn's Birth Story

Whitney is as strong as an ox, there's a wonderful way to begin! This is Whitney and Josh's first baby. Whitney knew from the beginning she wanted to have an epidural with this birth. She had planned to go as long as she could without one, in hopes of a quicker labor... well, she did just that!

At about 9 centimeters she decided she didn't think she could handle 30 more minutes of contractions. (I think she could've🤪)  so she called for an epidural. Sister almost missed the boat! She got her epidural at 9.5 cm and could barely sit through it! 


After minimal pushing, sweet and perfect baby "Finn" was here, completely bright eyed and looking just like his daddy! 

Next baby, no doubt Whit can have a completely natural and speedy delivery!! This girl was born to birth babies!


It's been so much fun catching up with Whitney and Josh. I haven't seen them since high school. It has been such an incredible experience getting to witness old friends begin the best chapter of life! 


What a sweet, sweet day March 8th was! I couldn't have planned a more fitting way to spend my International Women's Day. 

It's hard to believe it's almost been a month. I'll let the pictures and video do the rest of the talking.



Mary Kate Craukamp