Jones' Birth Story


Y'all, I am so incredibly bad at blogging. It's been six months since I last posted. I'm trying to get better.. but... there just aren't enough hours in a day!

However, this birth story totally calls for a blog post! I have mad respect for this mama! All births truly are beautiful and hold a special place in my heart but there just isn't anything quite like the experience of an unmedicated child birth.

Haley delivered her first born seven years ago. She had three attempted epidurals that didn't take with him. So, this go round she decided she'd give all natural a try.. she labored so hard and so strong.. and her sweet husband Davis was such an amazing support! 

Her labor was incredibly fast (for me!) but at about 9cm she called for an epidural. The anesthesiologist came in and kicked us out, we all walked into the hall.. but this epidural was taking much longer than usual. When he finally walked out after about 15 mins, he said "she should be feeling better in about 30 minutes." 

We literally walked back into the delivery room, with the Dr. following in behind me -- he checked her dilation and said "she's complete! it's time to start pushing!" 

Within 10 minutes, no time for that epidural to kick in, Haley had that precious and big boy in her arms! It was such an incredible birth experience.

I am always so honored that families entrust me with such a priveledged task as documenting their child's birth. This was definitely one for the books.. there was no shaking that adrenaline filled birth day!

Enjoy this natural, family centered birth story (in HD)!