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This precious mama you see here, Hailey, well she was a complete stranger to me six months ago when she booked for her birth. But something about her caused me to be so drawn to her and it didn't take long at all for me to figure it out. It was Jesus. The love this precious girl has for Jesus is so evident in all that she speaks!

Hailey has been such a fountain of encouragement, a breath of fresh air and she brings the kind of laughter that makes your jaws hurt! 

I had the pleasure of actually meeting Hailey and Martin at their maternity shoot two months ago, in the pouring rain. But Hailey was so pumped about the rain??! Because she wanted something different.. That's the kind of person she is! 

"Lock" decided to come two weeks before his due date, which we didn't mind a bit! He was due the day after Labor Day. But this petite little ginger had other plans! Hailey had a shockingly quick labor. It got off to a very slow start. Then all the sudden 4cm to 6cm and then it was go time within an hour and a half!

This super-mama pushed MAYBE twenty minutes and this sweet little love was here! It's actually not fair how easy she made childbirth look. 

I hope you enjoy the birth story of this perfect child, Locklin, who is incredibly blessed to be the earthly child of Hailey and Martin, two of the most genuine, kind hearted people I've ever had the opportunity of knowing.

You are beautiful {Locklin} for you are fearfully and wonderfully made.
— Psalm 139:14
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