Lennox | Birmingham, AL Birth Photographer | Mary Kate Craukamp Photography

We have a secret in our culture, and it’s not that childbirth is painful. It’s that women are strong.

A million daydreams fill our head from the day we find out we're expecting. What kind of mom will I be? What will my baby look like? What kind of Birth Plan will I have? We hang on to the excitement of seeing dad's face as he cuts the cord for the first time.

We mentally prepare for this day for 9 months.

And then sometimes, our precious angel comes and throws us for a complete loop after 5 hours of labor, 5 centimeters of dilation and an epidural into things. 

At 2:32am on July 6th I got the phone call from Alexis that her water had broken. At 7:45am she received the shattering news that her sweet Lennox had decided to become breech and that she would be having a c section as soon as an OR became available. Talk about having your dreams crushed in an instant, without time to process it.. 

It's a feeling I know all too well, the feeling of complete defeat. It's a gut punch, and it's devastating. 

Alexis held it together when I knew she wanted to fall apart. It was such a beautiful thing to experience. To me, it was the mark to a beginning of motherhood.

Isn't that what motherhood is all about? Strength and vulnerability? Holding it all together when you feel like falling apart. Sacrificing whatever it takes to keep your child safe.

Alexis, you are strong. You rock that scar knowing that it was a labor of love. 

The love you and Adam have for Lennox is so tangible, it brought tears to my eyes. I hope this makes you melt all over again, like it did me, on that Thursday July morn.