Why hire a birth photographer?

The big day comes and goes like one big happy blur! Take the pressure off a loved one and let them be by your side to enjoy this special time with you. You will have photos from your labor and delivery to look back on, remembering all the sweet little details of the day, ensuring that your support is captured by your side. 

What if I'm having a c-section?

Every birth experience is beautiful and worth capturing. While it's depending on your hospital's policy whether a photographer is allowed in the O.R. or not, there are still so many special moments to be captured during your big day.


What if I go into labor during the middle of the night?

I will be there! I only book 2 births a month to allow me to be on call 24/7 until your baby arrives! 

How long will you be at the hospital?

I plan to be with you from the time you are in active labor, around 6cm, all the way through your families getting their first cuddles! The labor, baby's arrival, weighing, measuring, first bath, meeting siblings and grandparents, it will all be caught on camera!